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Click the banner above to visit stuffed with 3D Studio Max rendered Graphics and Animations, and to visit The Interactive Multimedia 3D-Castle, decorated with 17th Century Models & Animations of both Furniture, Musical Instruments and Weapons like Swords, Axes and Shields, which was made entirely in 3DStudioMax. Now you can even download most of these highly detailed 3d models FOR FREE!

If you wish to use any of the 3D Graphics or Animations found on this site for your own Web Graphics or as a nice 3D Background for your Wallpapers then please contact webmaster and ask for his permission to use it first, and maybe I will offer you a high-res image of the desired view. I've got plans to create 3D Studio Max Tutorials for some of the 3D Models in the Castle so if you have interest in this then leave a message in the questbook.

If you are looking for FREE hi-res Wallpapers you should take a look at the Photo page where you can download Digital Images up to 1600x1200 resolution and use free of charge! I've just added very hires photos from the 2006 year airshow in Såtenäs Sweden where you'll find some nice aircraft pictures of planes like the JAS39 Gripen, MIG 29 Fulcrum, F16 Falcon and the F18 Hornet.

If you like flight simulators like Falcon4.0, IL2 and LOMAC ( Lock On Modern Aircraft ) then you should really consider getting the amazing 3d glasses and trackIR head movement tracker devices made by edimensional ( you will find their banner on the 3D-Castle mainpage ).

If you as I am a sci-fi fan then you have to check out the amazing EVE Online scifi game.

3D Studio Max is a very powerful tool made by Discreet and as such it is a very demanding program that you need a whole lot of patience to get the hang of. If you are interested in 3D Studio Max or other 3D Software then you'll find links to other 3D-sites on the main page and on the 3D-Castle LinksPortal.

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